Welcome to Paula Kruyer’s teaching portfolio.


I have been lecturing production modules in fashion design for a combined total of more than 10 years. I specialize in technical classes such as sewing, pattern drafting and Workshop classes. My job as a lecturer on the first year modules is to give students a foundation in technical knowledge. On the second year I give individually catered direction to the students on realization of their design projects.  On the third year (degree level) I take on a supervision roll where I guide the students to use their own knowledge to enable them to complete their collections.  Although I am capable in teaching a wide variety of modules such as textiles, draping and theory modules, I excel in technical modules and am considered indispensable within the fashion department.  Along with my duties as a lecturer I also have been promoted to First Year Coordinator which gives me great influence over students, teaching standards and curriculum. 
 I can safely say that I have taught thousands of students, given hundreds classes and prepared an equal number of teaching materials, handouts and samples. I have made a very small selection of material from a substantial number in order to illustrate my abilities as a teacher.